Accepting Pitches Now

Seeking Treasure Hunters to Support

THFC is looking for games that fit the description of unusual and surprising games. They should be mechanically interesting, and at the moment we’re particularly interested in narrative-driven projects. We want games that are taking creative risks and breaking new ground with the potential to break out and succeed commercially.

THFC is accepting pitches from studios and creatives all over the world. You do not need to be in North America to be considered.

If you think your game is a good fit, contact us!

Our Treasure Hunters

Walk With Kings

Adam Scoble and Jacques Mulder boast an unfocused, eclectic taste in games; a true, unbridled love for an assortment of poorly received titles; and find no entertainment in some of game and film's most highly lauded experiences. Essentially doomed from the start, Melbourne-based Walk with Kings was founded in 2016 by these two idiots.

But their passion for quality leaves the duo unperturbed by fate's forecast. Their plan is simple: Create games they'd love to play, with the polish that they admire in others, and then cross their fingers. Wish them luck.